Type if seaming: stationary can seaming system.

The solid and reliable automatic seamer mod. F70 has been built and improved from years of technical experience. The machine handles cans with diameters of 65 to 230mm and heights of 24 to 220 mm.

The seamer consists of two cast monoblocks and one inlet conveyor with a worm to synchronize the cans.
The base is made from an AISI 316 casting stainless steel and its weight gives the machine greater stability, while the high quality material protects against corrosive and aggressive products, such as sugar, salt, vinegar etc.

The upper head is made from nickel surface treated cast iron.

The height of the head can be adjusted manually with a hand wheel, allowing for quick and frequent changeovers, although an electrical option is also available.

The machine is powered by a 4 kW motor, plus an inverter to regulate the production speed from 15 to 60 cpm.

The control panel is provided with a portable controller (JOG) for impulse running, useful during maintenance, cleaning and changeovers.


  • Central electric lubrication device
  • Undercover steam injection
  • Undercover Nitrogen/CO2 injection
  • Motor-driven machine height


Production capacity15-60 cpm
Max can diameter230 mm
Min can diameter65 mm
Max can height270 mm
Min can height27 mm
Motor rating4 kW
Total Weight2100 kg
Dimensions1290 x 3055 x 1900


Central electric lubrication device

Under cover Nitrogen/CO2 injection

Under cover steam injection

Higher IP rating

Motor driven machine height

Industry 4.0